Since 1986, Lombardi Publishing Corporation has served over one million customers in 141 different countries. Today, Lombardi Publishing Corporation publishes 21 subscription-based newsletters, hundreds of investor research reports, books, and three free daily financial e-letters.

Reporters are trained to tell you the news—not what it can mean for you! What you read or hear in the popular financial news services, be it in the daily newspapers, on the Internet, or on TV, is the news as told by a reporter. And there’s the big difference when it comes to what we do.

We publish the news with the opinions, commentaries, and interpretations of seasoned financial analysts and economists. We analyze the actions of the stock market, precious metals, interest rates, real estate, and other investments so we can tell you what we believe today’s financial news will mean for you tomorrow!

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Finding the next great tech company is our main goal at Profit Confidential. Since 1986, our firm has been dedicated to helping investors earn superior returns through unbiased financial research. We strive to deliver to our reader thorough analyses of current tech trends, events, and investment opportunities in this daily bulletin. Combined, we have more than 100 years of experience in analyzing various investment markets. Our analysts include MBAs, BAs, B.Comms, P. Engs, MAs, and LLBs. This informed perspective gives our readers the best risk-to-reward opportunities. Read More

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Income Investors is a web site dedicated to helping readers earn higher yields and better returns from their portfolios. In a nutshell, our investment philosophy is to buy wonderful businesses at a reasonable price and collect a growing stream of dividend income. Nowhere else will you find more in-depth analysis of today’s news and income opportunities than in this daily dispatch. Make sure you opt in to the e-letter to receive Income Investors in your inbox every day. Read More

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A financial news and contrarian investment opinion site, our goal at Lombardi Letter is to help our readers survive and thrive in the troubled and complicated financial times of today. We offer the opinions, commentaries, and predictions of seasoned financial analysts and economists. Topics we regularly comment on Lombardi Letter include: the stock market; bond market; the economy; real estate; inflation; interest rates; currencies; the economies of the eurozone and China and how they impact North Americans; U.S. government debt at the federal, state, and city level; gold; and precious metals. Read More


George Leong
George Leong is a senior editor at Lombardi Publishing. He has been involved in analyzing the stock markets for two decades, employing both fundamental and technical analysis. His overall market timing and trading knowledge are extensive in the areas of small-cap research and option trading.
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Robert Appel
B.A., B.C.L., L.L.B
Profit Confidential contributor Robert Appel is a semi-retired lawyer-journalist. In his native Canada, he had his own syndicated radio show on CBC Radio for 11 years, another syndicated radio show on CKO Radio and was a frequent guest on Canada AM and Global Noon news.
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Robert Baillieul
Robert Baillieul is editor-in-chief at Income Investors, overseeing some of the most talented financial editors and analysts in the business. He has been a senior contributor to the world’s most widely visited personal finance web site, a risk analyst at TD Energy, and an equity analyst at the Impact Fund.
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John Whitefoot
John Whitefoot specializes in low-priced and income investment opportunities. He contributes to Lombardi’s Profit Confidential newsletter and writes the Micro-Cap Reporter and Automated Income newsletters.
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Moe Zulfiqar
Starting with Lombardi Publishing as a Profit Confidential contributor, Moe Zulfiqar now also writes the Explosive Mine Stocks, Payload Stocks, and Retirement Riches newsletters, among others. Moe has a strong understanding of North American capital markets.
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Stephen Karmazyn
Stephen Karmazyn is a writer for Profit Confidential, where he focuses on reporting breaking news in the technology and emerging industries.
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Mukta Samtani
Mukta is Head of Profit Confidential’s South Asia Newsroom. Mukta has worked as Finance faculty with Indira School of Business Studies.
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