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With Profit Confidential you are receiving the latest financial news with the opinions, commentaries, and interpretations of seasoned financial analysts and economists. Combined, our analysts have over 100 years of industry experience. They also have years of experience investing and managing their own money successfully! Each day, over 420,000 astute investors turn to Profit Confidential.

Established back in 2001 as a daily economic rant, the Profit Confidential daily e-letter has attracted global attention for some of its forecasts. Before gold was on anyone’s radar, Profit Confidential suggested its readers buy into gold-related stocks when gold was trading under $300 an ounce. Through the years, Profit Confidential warned of the 2005 housing bubble, the 2007 recession, and the 2008 credit crisis.

Daily Gains Letter

Personal Wealth Guidance, Money Management & Investment Strategies

Published daily, our goal at the Daily Gains Letter is to provide our readership with personal wealth guidance, money management and investment strategies to help our readers make more money from their investments. The Daily Gains Letter provides independent and unbiased research from independent analysts that love to research and comment on the economy, the stock market and other forms of investment.